Spada Transfer Technology provides a highly detailed estimate which, even in its preliminary issue, specifies the machine configuration, detailed drawings illustrate the work cycle, and the time cycle and budget are clearly indicated.

After-sales, STT provides full support by its own technical staff, during machine startup providing the customer’s technicians instructions, and later holding dedicated part machining programs.

A well detailed, illustrated instruction manual provides technical comments and describes all of the machine’s details, becoming a practical support for your technicians. The highlight of Spada Transfer Technology is its after-sales service: Each contact is taken on with maximum professionalism and managed in very short time to protect the production needs of our customers.


Machine Overhaul

STT provides its customers a machine overhaul service for both Spada brand machines and machines by other manufacturers. Service is evaluated based on the customer’s needs: from revamping a single working unit to complete overhaul of the machine, including conversion from hydraulic to numerical control. As a Warrant Innovation Lab S.r.l. certified company, STT offers its customers the ability to upgrade to the new Industry 4.0 standard.


Training in use of the machinery

A fundamental part of the machine sale is operator training. STT gives significant attention to this step, and includes it as a determining economic factor in the final acceptance of the machine. For this reason, in addition to basic training, the contract calls for the possibility of technicians, chosen by the customer, to spend two weeks at STT to complete their practical training with a small production of parts. With the assistance of our technical staff, our customer’s personnel address a wide variety of problems in order to acquire complete confidence in their management of the machine, once it is installed at the customer’s location.


At the Customer

On delivery to the customer, STT and its technical staff are always present to guarantee the perfect positioning of the machine. Installation and commissioning provide an opportunity to train the maintenance personnel. Once completed, the personnel already trained at STT are involved to confirm their level of training and to discuss some aspects in depth if needed.

Customer Service

Service and intervention within 24 hours

Making our customers problems our own and resolving them in the least amount of time is part of our DNA. As we are well aware of the need for an efficient machine, every request is treated with absolute urgency. We take action within 24 hours as standard service, and we even hold our contracted service personnel to this when they assist us with our machine park.

Thanks to the TELESERVICE technology now available, we can perform service directly, remotely, thus guaranteeing:

in-depth troubleshooting of the problem in real-time
fast resolution of the problems identified.