Starting from the initial assessment of a new project, our customers can count on a comprehensive quotation that highlights the machine configuration, providing detailed drawings of the process cycle, describing the time cycle and budget.

In terms of after-sales support, Spada Transfer Technology offers full-service assistance with our technicians during start-up at the customers’ production location, with training courses for operators and maintenance personnel, dedicated part processing programs are created and production is supervised.

The key strength of Spada Transfer Technology is our after-sales service. Each machine is equipped with the TELESERVICE system that allows our technicians to gain remote access to the line for rapid intervention.

Any messages are reviewed with maximum professionalism and managed quickly to safeguard the customer’s production needs.


Machine Overhaul

STT offers its customers overhaul services, revamping Spada brand machines as well as machines by other manufacturers. This service is evaluated based on the customer’s needs: from revamping a single unit to the overhaul of an entire machine, including conversion from hydraulic to numerical control. Furthermore, as a Warrant Innovation Lab S.r.l. certified company, STT offers its customers the ability to upgrade to the new Industry 4.0 standard.



Involving the machine operators is an essential element for the success of any project. In addition to the 4-day basic course, STT recommends that machine operators participate in an additional 2-week training course to gain greater familiarity with the machine to manage it safely and independently.


At Customer’s plant

The installation and commissioning of the machine at the customer’s plant is the ideal time for providing the maintenance personnel with further instruction. Machine operators who have already participated in the training course at STT are further involved to test their level of training and it is the perfect opportunity to resolve any doubts they may have.

Customer Service

Service and on-site intervention

Service is a key component for working with our customers. Each service request is managed with utmost reactivity, within 24 hours when possible. Thanks to the current TELESERVICE technology, we can perform direct service remotely, guaranteeing:

Real-time in-depth troubleshooting of the problem

Solutions to the problems identified quickly.