Quality certification

Application examples


Material: ISO P
Details: 10S-8U-120 CNC
Cycle Time: 6


Material: ISO P
Details: 10S-12U-120CNC
Cycle Time: 5.60


Material: ISO P
Details: 12S-16U-60 CNC
Cycle Time: 2.20

TTO-BM is a Transfer Machine with horizontal axis for bar machining consisting of 8 stations, of which 10 working stations. The base is made from heat-treated, machined, electro-welded steel.

For the NC versions, the Teleservice System is included.

Guaranteed Quality

Our machinery is latest generation with a 60 month guarantee on all electronic parts.

Remote Service

We provide timely service that is absolutely reliable with remote connection.


Thanks to our expert personnel, we offer training days for the proper use of our machinery for your specialists.


All of our machinery can be customized to best meet our customer’s needs.


Do not hesitate to contact us if you need in information or clarification on our machinery.

Standard components

  • 10 stations, of which 8 for machining
  • The base is made from heat-treated, machined, electro-welded steel
  • Table with vertical axis
  • Spindle Stroke: 130 mm
  • Sleeve Diameter: 90 mm
  • Fast approaching speed 20000 m/min
  • Motor RPM 0 - 4000
  • Motor power: 3.3 kW and can be customized based on the machining needs
  • Bar loader: from 3 to 6 meters with single or double bar
  • Gripping systems: self-centring clamping tools
  • Service: Teleservice system included for NC versions
  • Optional:
    Control unit for NC recess head
    Facing heads
    Cross carriages X-Y axes
    Double button board
    Teleservice system