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Material: ISO P
Details: 4S-2U-100 CNC
Cycle Time: 21.00 sec

Multi S is a high-precision, patented CNC Multi-Spindle Turning Centre. It is dedicated to the machining of parts up to 400 mm in diameter, starting from bar stock, cut bar sections or from cast or forged blanks.

In this version, optional tool changing for up to 8, 15 kg tools can be installed.


  • From 8 to 10 stations
  • High precision
  • Energy Savings
  • Space optimization
  • Rapid and limited maintenance
  • Facilitated machine access
  • Increase in production with a reduction in costs
  • Machine cost/production cost ratio among the best overall.
Guaranteed quality

IOur machinery is latest generation with a 60 months guarantee on all electronic parts.

Remote service

We provide timely service that is absolutely reliable with remote connection.


Thanks to our expert personnel, we offer training days for the proper use of our machinery for your specialists.


All of our machinery can be customized to best meet our customer’s needs.


Do not hesitate to contact us if you need in information or clarification on our machinery.

Standard components

  • 8 stations
  • Heat-treated and machined electro-welded steel base
  • Table with vertical axis
  • Spindle speed from 1500 to 15000 rpm
  • Machining precision: ± 10µ
  • Rotation system: spindles for part rotation
  • Turning, milling and threading units
  • Turning clamps, claws and clamping brackets
  • Possibility to manage alternating spindles A / B for machining both sides of the part
  • 60 months guarantee on electronic parts as of the date of installation on the customer’s site
  • Optional:
    8 position tool change, Robot for loading/unloading
    Customer operator panel.