Accuracy and energy saving

Our Multi-Spindle Turning Centers and Transfer Machines are designed in compliance with the specifications required by the customer.
Thanks to unique features, they meet expectations, guaranteeing reliability and high precision .
Versatile, they can be programmed and set to perform complex processes, so as to satisfy the most varied production needs.


  • High precision
  • Energy saving
  • Space optimization
  • Fast and limited maintenance
  • Easy access to the machine
  • Increase in production with decrease in costs
  • Machine cost / production cost ratio among the best ever

Our machines

Multi-spindle Turning Center and Transfer Machines

We design and manufacture multi-spindle turning centers and latest generation transfer machines.
Energy saving , space optimization, increase in productivity and turnover , with our machines, your company enters the future of Industry 4.0 .


Multi-spindle turning centers

Our Multi-Spindle Turning Centers are configured starting from a basic model with 8 stations, vertical axis rotary table and 6 work units. The high precision allows to work sizes up to 400mm in diameter. The Multi-S system is patented and has received the 2017 Innovation Award.
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Our advanced technology of Multi-Spindle Turning Centers has been awarded the MM Award 2017.


Transfer Machines

Our numerically controlled Transfer Machines follow the principle of greater production with reduced consumption. Built with 4 and up to 10 stations, the construction structure is designed to limit maintenance interventions, so as to improve efficiency.

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Special Machines

Our special machines are manufactured with unique components that are not always installed on conventional catalogue machinery. This makes these models exclusive for our customers.

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Bar Loader

The Spada Transfer Technology Bar Loader is an equipment that can be applied to either new or pre-existing machines. It is a product that can be adapted to the customer’s needs.

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